Akumal Comedy Festival 2015

Akumal Comedy Festival 2015 ⇒WOW Akumal, what a great showing of support-for such a great cause, the RED CROSS!! This year’s fund raising event was a very special one honoring Gus Lynch who was very significant  in starting this festival four years ago. Due to an unfortunate accident last year, much support in his honor lived  strong at every event with record amount of donations. A total of MX$208,450.43 was raised from ticket sales and tee shirt, hats and mugs.  100% of donations has been donated to the Red Cross , thanks to all the wonderful sponsors. This will be a large help in keeping our ambulance and paramedics housed in Akumal full time this year.

This event has grown to be quite the professional affair-comedians from all over come to entertain in paradise.  With events in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Akumal including Spanish and English speaking comedians, the audiences have grown to record numbers.  This year also included art drawn live by Aggie Kenny and Elizabeth Williams of Illustrated Courtroom (see all work on their FB page), quite an interesting look and fun to watch as they quickly sketched while the comedians were on stage. Of course music was NOT left out of this event-The Salty Snowbirds started the entertainment on the Ukana Stage in Akumal.

If you missed this year-be ready t0 get your VIP pass early for the 2016 event.  The organizers of this event have really put together a professional event that Akumal is VERY lucky to have!



See more at www.akumalcomedyfestival.com and Akumal Comedy Festival on FaceBook

A BIG thank you to the Organizers, Volunteers and Donors:

Dan Schlissel
Marieke Brown
Shirley Pogodinski
Craig Norton
Scott Brown
Jamie Cost
Laura Bush

Rey and Kiyomi Ortega

Bruce and Nancy Lohn

Hector Juarez Garcia
Veronica Madrid Perez
Teresa Jimenez Rodriguez
The volunteer members of the Red Cross in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.
Horacio Moreno Trinidad
Mason the Web Guy
Beatriz Lucas
Darren Spencer
Juan Pablo Mora Alvarez
Phil Le Conte – Kitchener & Waterloo Comedy Festival
Gary Walten
Eva Sander
Vladimir Valle
Cate Hauser

Cate Hauser

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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