Turtle Teams Partner on our Beaches

We all know that Akumal “Place of Turtles” is overflowing with turtles at this time of year – the population of turtles in Akumal grows as the nesting season begins and the mommas come onto our beaches.  And so does the need for help on the beaches.  Communication if very important betweeen CEA and residents during nesting season, to ensure the obligations of the Federally Licensed Turtle Program are met and enforced.  Many groups this year have teamed up to partner with CEA to ensure a successful nesting season.

Last year AkumalSur Homeowners Association met with CEA and formed a partnership that was very helpful on their beach and is very active again this year.   The program spread to Playa Tortuga/Jade Bay this year where a partnership with TAO residents and TAO foundation has been successfully formed. A meeting with the Director of CEA- Hector Lazarraga and Mauricio Aceves, CEA Administrator was very educational for the Vecinos Norte who commit to help as needed on Half Moon Bay-the Turtle Program is very important to President Dan Freeman.

TAO employees and volunteers hosted a beach cleanup that was much needed in a high-density turtle nesting area. Communication packets were distributed to each homeowner with information for Renters as well.  Las Villas Akumal also is a supporter of the beachfront community partnership with CEA.  Sponsorship signs help mark turtle nests in the appropriate areas.  These types of partnerships are a WIN–WIN for all – turtles, beachfront owners, and CEA.

Also this year a program was created to help tourist and residents interested in the turtle program.  The program has been name “VOLUNTOURISTS” – it allows an opportunity for tourists to be a part and help, even if here for only a short time.  The program is structured in levels, so visitors or residents who are here for longer can train and so CEA will have educated voluntourists available when there is a need.  And there is always help needed –whether it be painting stakes, filing and office work, stocking Tortugueros’ equipment boxes, or working on the beaches.  If you are interested in the program contact- [email protected] or [email protected].

Thank you again to all the beachfront property owners and employees on Akumal Beaches who help CEA protect our beloved Tortugas Marinas!! We understand there is much added work during Turtle season, but the benefits outweigh  the extra work!


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