What’s New in Akumal, January 2019

Well, this is definitely new!  The entrance road into Akumal has been paved – and even has a yellow line down the middle!  According to Terry Richardson, we have the following people & businesses to thank: Tulum President Victor Maas, Hotel Akumal Caribe, Akumal Bay Resort, Secrets, and Tsuuk.
We know our street lighting isn’t new.  But we want to slip in a gentle reminder that solar lights need SOL.  Owners, please ask your maintenance managers to keep  the leaves & branches above the lights nicely trimmed so they can fill up with sunshine.
Intercam customers can now use BanBajio ATMs without paying a fee.
New signage in Akumal Norte

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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