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New Curb at Akumal Entrance

As many of you know, the North side of the Akumal entrance road had little dirt areas that weren’t quite big enough to park a car. Nevertheless, people would attempt to stop or park and succeed in blocking traffic turning it into a one way road. Unsightly big orange barrels and cones even attempted to stop this with little success.

Jaime Medina and Terry Richardson along with Oscar Conte decided to do something about this. They worked with the municipality to get approvals and then donated to get a curb installed. Now traffic seems to flow more easily since there is no longer a question of “will my car fit there.”

Street Lights in Akumal Entrance and Bridge

Everyone knows that things are safer at night when you have light. So Jen worked with many local businesses to get lighting installed along the Akumal entrance for pedestrians and on the bridge to the pueblo. Lights were donated by Turtle Bay, Akumal Direct, La Buena Vida, Coco Propiedades, Loco Gringo, Tom and Judy Baxter, Bob and Sherwood Anders, John and Sharon Winkle, and Terry and Din Richardson. Big thanks to everyone and also to Jen for keeping all the records of the donations so we can publish them. More lights are still needed for free entrance and exits on both sides of the bridge. If you want to donate, contact Jen at Turtle Bay to coordinate.

 And in Playa . . .

Little Caesar's Pizza comes to Playa del Carmen!
Little Caesar’s Pizza comes to Playa del Carmen!

Looking for some Vegas style action?

Well, you can now find it right here in our backyard!  Bahía Príncipe has opened to the public a first class casino that many of us enjoy.  This is not like other casinos you may have visited in Playa del Carmen – this casino has it all.  Although fairly small, there are many games for your enjoyment.  All games are in $US.  There are 3 blackjack tables, two with $5 limit and one with $10, two roulette tables, one Texas Hold ‘em, many penny slots, and of course a large Bar.  Drinks, beer, and wine are complimentary while you’re playing.  To play the slots, you buy a card and insert it while you play, at the tables your chips are bought as usual.  The Casino is located at the entrance of the resort just past the fountain, complimentary parking is in front and the name is in lights- you can’t miss it.  For something different, go try your luck!!


Just at the entrance of Bahia Principe
Just at the entrance of Bahia Principe
Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold'um-they have them all!
Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’um-they have them all!


Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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