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To Vecinos Members and Community at Large:

Tourism in North Akumal has been devastated first by sargasso, now by covid. We have had to lay off employees, most of whom come from Akumal Pueblo. This has impacted the pueblo and surrounding areas extremely hard economically. Crime and violence are increasing daily. This makes our need for stronger security an imperative. With the local authorities unable to control what is happening, the association decided to act. We wrote to the President of Mexico and Commander of the National Guard. The letters detailed the issues in our area and asked for help. In addition, we offered some solutions, one of which was to bring in the national guard.

We are extremely excited that our letter produced positive results. The President ordered the General of the Guard to assign an 8-man unit to Akumal. To strengthen security in Akumal Norte, we offered the new police office in the community center to be used as their headquarters. Monday I met with the captain of the Guard unit to inspect the space.

What does this mean for Akumal Norte? We will have 24-hour police patrols now. The guards working with our Target staff will give Akumal Norte one of the strongest security programs in the area. The guard members  are well trained, disciplined, and respectful.

To deliver a basic office space for the guard we need to immediately finish the community center’s utility services. This will cost $175,000.00 pesos or roughly $8,500.00 dollars. Your property investment is protected by the community’s security and maintenance programs, programs operated and paid for by the Vecinos association, not Tulum nor any other government agency. Without your support our security program will not be as strong as it can be.

Many of you have paid your dues and memberships, understanding the importance of our community’ security and operational services. I am asking you to help me, your president, and Vecinos to finish the community center project which will be the core of our future security. Please pay your dues if you have not already done so, or, if you can, contribute more. This is the only way to maintain our reputation as a peaceful family destination on the Riviera Maya and protect our investment in Akumal Norte.


On another note, Fiber Optic service is here! Telmex sales staff began calling and setting up contracts this week. You may continue to send in your forms, which we will forward to Telmex sales office. In some cases, if you have more questions you may speak to your building manager for details on the wiring and setup.


Finally, last week Dan met with the Director of the Tulum Hotel Association. Vecinos association will become an affiliated member entitling the association to all benefits the hotel association offers: group advertising, special tours, contact with state tourism programs. Dan will work on defining how the Hotel association can benefit our association and will pass information to you our members.


Thank You,

Dan Freeman, President

Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!


  1. Hi Dan. I shared this post with my neighbors at TAO as Akumal is our closest pueblo. Could you define for us the geographic area that is considered Akumal Norte. Also, will this new 8 man unit be patrolling all of Akumal, including Pueblo, 307 near Bahia etc?

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