Vecinos de Akumal Norte Update


Dear Members and Community at Large:

When purchasing property in Akumal Norte, more times than not, you are not told that this is a self-providing community. There is no monetary support from Tulum government for our infrastructure or maintenance services.

Vecinos was formed when service issues became so pressing that something had to be done. Our mission: Represent the entire community to government and build infrastructure to serve daily operational needs. We see the needs of all owners equally, whether you are on the bay, inland or on the lagoon.

To create a focal point for owners, we are building the new community center. The center has civil offices, a police station and an upstairs meeting and social room. The Center is the lynchpin connecting the Pluma in the south with the police station in the north. This will take our security to a higher level and is a positive selling aspect to tourists and prospective real estate buyers coming to Mexico. We have appointed Terry Richardson to head the new security program. With Terry’s security experience, his stewardship will serve us well.

At issue now is the sargassum invasion and the loss of tourist business it has caused. This problem exists in the entire Caribbean and only the national government has the kind of money needed to deal with it. Even then, it is not entirely solvable. We are working with several different committees to try and find answers. However, when   sargassum is cleared off the beach, disposal of it creates even more problems. Loss of tourist business hurts the entire community, not just beach owners. Solving problems like this is a good example of why we as a community must come together and pitch in and do our part.

Money and volunteerism are the key elements needed for the creation of operational and maintenance programs that can begin to deal with issues of security, sargassum, community clean up, road and street light maintenance, conservation, and community operations

Why do I repeat this information over and over? Because those community members not supporting Vecinos and its community programs but using the improved roads, good water system, nighttime streetlights and new security system, need to realize they are “living on their neighbor’s dime”.

I think it is time to recognize and thank those neighbors who have contributed this year to the building of operational and maintenance systems that have improved our community and serve all of us. Let us salute them for being caring neighbors: From all of us to all of you ­-THANK YOU!

Please, if you are not a member, join and pay your annual dues. Support your neighbors who are already shouldering these responsibilities.

Some other happenings: Within two months through our contacts with Telmex we are assured that they will begin the installation of fiber optics in the community. After that we are working to bring a sewage system in. This will help to stop the pollution going into our mangrove, bay, and lagoon. Already in Akumal Pueblo sewage pipes are being installed.

Please, remember all this is done by volunteers so if you have some time, join your neighbors and be part of the Vecinos team serving Akumal Norte. Contact us by phone or email using the information listed below. Work with those already supporting you to help maintain this little paradise we love, Akumal Norte.

Thank You for Your Support!






Akumal Ambulance

Donate to help the Red Cross place a full time ambulance in Akumal to service locals and tourists!

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