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Akumal Playa and Akumal Norte are truly unique locations in the Yucatan Peninsula. We are one of the last free beach areas that is still nearly pristine. Vecinos’ mission is to establish Akumal Norte as a fully functioning community with all of the up-to-date infrastructure services necessary to be comfortable, while maintaining Akumal Norte’s unique, natural qualities. This means maintaining the natural environment and resources that we found and fell in love with, for all people. Vecinos is working with several state and federal government departments to stop exploitation of any type. This being said, let me tell you the state of affairs.


The board members and president in an effort to build strong relationships with our government officials began a series of breakfast and luncheon meetings at Casa Gatos. The meetings were held with the local Director of PROFEPA and the Regional Director of CONANP. At these meetings, we discussed how we can partner with government departments to help enforce those rules that protect our natural environment from commercial exploitation of any type. At the end of the meetings, the officials were taken on tours of Half Moon Bay, YalKu Lagoon, our parks and mangrove. This gave them a sense of personal understanding of this little paradise called Akumal Norte. For the past two weeks, Vecinos representatives have participated in zone meetings being held in Tulum by CONANP to help create the governing rules for zones of Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay. In addition, letters have been sent from the organization to request that rules be set for YalKu Lagoon. Further, we have been discussing how to protect and preserve our mangrove and parks. We have asked for their help to protect the lagoon and Half Moon Bay from over-exploitation by companies that are turned away from the main bay in Central Akumal. As these issues progress we will send updates.


Petition to Tulum for Tourist Police patrols for high season

High season will be upon us shortly and we need to have a tourist police presence to deal with problems that may come with the influx of visitors. This season will be particularly hard, because of the confusion generated by the stalls located on the main entrance road leading to the arches. They are obnoxiously approaching cars and demanding that the occupants hire their services, in many cases almost assaulting the tourist if they don’t. Before finalizing a decision on this matter I will consult other board members for their thoughts. At this point I feel that we need to work with central Akumal on this issue, as it effects both Central and North Akumal.

How Vecinos can help in resurfacing or repair of the main entrance road leading into Akumal Playa

Once more I feel that it is imperative for Vecinos to support Central Akumal in addressing the repair of the main entrance road. At this time, our guests and owners all must enter Akumal Norte through this road, so we are impacted by the conditions that exist there.

Topes and why we need them

In the last month, we have had members of the community install topes in front of their property. These topes are not in line with federal government rules of uniformity for road topes. And these topes are built in such a way that they are destructive to cars forced to go over them. As a community, we cannot have individuals throwing down topes where they please. So, at our kitchen cabinet meeting we decided to move forward with a tope project. Rocio Cue obtained copies of the federal guidelines for the building and proper placement of topes, which will be used in the construction of new topes. They will be installed at prescribed distances from each other to keep the motorist at the right speed limit.  Two of our residents mapped the present topes, so now we have a starting point. Proposed topes will go from Akumal Norte’s pluma to YalKu Lagoon. I know many of you will not want topes, but as a member of the community who lives here full time, I see cabs and transport vans flying up and down the new road. These drivers will never drive the speed limit. They are in a rush to transport as many people as possible and it will only get worse as we go into high season. Installing topes is sad; however, we must commit to the safety of all the people and especially children who walk up and down the road. In addition, pulling out of your driveway is dangerous with the speed some drivers are moving at.

We are estimating that we will need to construct 10 new topes after removing those not well placed. All topes will be uniform in style and placement. I cannot guarantee that a tope will be in front of your property, but they will be placed with public safety in mind. We are estimating the cost for each tope at around $350.00 usd. As soon as we can raise the funds for the 10 topes ($3500.00 usd) we will build them all at one time. Once more I must come to you, our membership and community members, to ask for contributions. We can accept American checks, credit cards, and cash. You can receive a Factura or receipt for your tax records. These contributions are tax deductible.

Additional discussion covered solar street lighting, for which we are accumulating several proposals, and the new sewer system.

If you have a neighbor property owner who is not already a member of Vecinos, please encourage them to join. Our strength as a community organization lies in representing the whole community. Together we stand and are strong, so please help us to be all that we can be.

Dan Freeman, President

Asociación de Vecinos de Akumal Norte A.C.

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