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There was nothing to stop this poor mama turtle from going into this zero-edge pool on Half Moon Bay this week – no barrier, no loungers laid on the side, nothing to let her know that there was danger ahead. We don’t know how long she was in the chlorine water, but 5 maintenance guys were finally able to get her out and safely into the sea…














— from CEA

The first month of Turtle Season has come and gone.  What we have recorded?? nests all following COVID-19 regulations thanks to the Voluntourist Team. The team has been busy organizing and training. The Director, Dr. Héctor Lizárraga Cubedo, has come to train on all beaches and get to know the team.  He was even lucky enough to catch a nesting mom at 6AM beach training-a rare sight all were lucky to experience.

The Akumal Ecological Center participated in the campaign of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of Quintana Roo, called “Month of the sea turtle”, where we share infographics about the camp and the work being carried out with the aim of raise awareness among the population about the importance of these beautiful Jurassic creatures

The arrivals of the Blancas was a surprise at an early date-but they are here and upon all beaches (first blanca nest: May 19)

The VT team continues to train as the delay in the arrival of Biologists/Field techs continue to be unknown and date changing often.  The team is dedicated to being ready for all the action these mommas can bring the beaches of Akumal.

One large concern this year is underwater spearfishing and especially at night when a bright white light is used.  The mommas do not like the light and it will prevent them from coming ashore.  The light disorients them and we have had the surprise of two mommas ending up in swimming pools already this season. Thank you to the local people and the VT we could help the momma turtles back to the sea.

Remember all of Akumals Beaches are in 3 Refuges and fishing of ANY kind is prohibited.


Remember LIGHTS OUT or RED, beach quiet, curtains/blinds closed when inside lighting is on, no obstructions on the beach-chairs, kayaks, toys, sandcastles, people, and pets ALL obstructions that prevent nesting.  Keep our beaches after dusk- DARK, QUIET, and EMPTY! 



Thank you for your help!



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