Museo de la Prehistoria: Official Opening

Hidden just east of Parque Dos Ojos Cenote  has been a treasure for our area that you must not miss – The Museo de la Prehistoria.  The official opening ceremony was held 1 August with ribbon cutting by Lic. David Balam Chan, Presidente of Tulum, and Lic. Francisco Maas Pena, Subsecretario de la Secretaria de Turismo.  The museum hosted many International historians and archeological speakers throughout the day, with free tours of the impressive museum.  Open for a year and hosting hundreds of school children of all ages, now was the time to welcome the public.

Many have worked since 1999 to develop this underwater archaeology project, discovering and identifying skeletons of ice age animals and human skeletons, some more than 13,000 years old.  From more than 20 underwater sites here in the second and third longest underwater cave systems in the world (Sac Actun and Dos Ojos systems) 300km of explored caves revealed findings that have now rewritten history books.  It’s amazing what was found under the Yucatan Peninsula.  The “Woman of Las Palmas, named after the cave’s entrance where she was found, was discovered in the 90’s, with research proving she is around 12,000 years old.  In a collection  called “The End of the Ice Age”, are replicas of the animals built to scale placed in and around the museum.

The opening ceremony, attended by close to 300 people, was a beautiful evening of festivities including, food, beverages, traditional Maya music, fire dancers, and ending with a rock band that had everyone dancing.  Eugenio Acevez, Director of the Museo, and partner Ejido Jacinto Pat had much to dance about.  This is a jewel not only for the state of Quintana Roo, but for all of the world. Congratulations and thanks to Eleazar Mas (running “comisario ejidal”), Don Mariano Mason (last “comisario ejidal”), and the whole community who have supported the project as well as the many cave divers and explorers for sharing this information.

Attached is a presentation with very detailed information on the discovery that has been done right outside our back door.  Treat yourself to this Museum, one of the most impressive things $50 pesos can buy!


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