Missed the Boat!

Here’s the thing – we missed the boat.  Actually the whole fleet.  Beginning the end of April and continuing through Workers Day on 1 May and the feast of Santa Cruz on 3 May, Akumal pueblo held their annual feria.  The centers of attention are the local albañiles (masons and tile workers) whose patron is the Santa Cruz.  Buildings under construction are decorated with a green cross as a mark of  honor.

pueblo sports domeThis year’s events were held at the new sports area south of the catholic church.  The domed basketball court with seating was completed about two months ago.  There’s a large open area as well for football and baseball games.

I’m pretty sure this has been embarrassing enough to stick in our minds til next year!  We’ll be on top of it!


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  1. And ‘patrones’ or owners are supposed to give workers a shot of … what is common in QR?… mezcal or a beer, to keep your house safe.

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