LolHa Super Bowl Fund Raiser Recipient

Many of us may not be aware of the educational source that is supported by local business owners and by  donations. “Transformar Educando A.C” is a civil association founded 18 years ago that has  community centers located in Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, and Chemuyil.  Here in Akumal the LolHa Super Bowl Fundraiser will be donating monies from the tee shirt sales and the SuperBowl board to help the Community Center in Akumal Pueblo.  The funds taken in from the sports board will be matched by Laura Bush Wolfe. Be sure to go cheer on your team and help the kids of Akumal cheer for a better tomorrow!

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They provide education programs for children, adolescents and adults with oficial recognition (IEEA), job training programs, orientation and psychological care, computer programs and English, serving the population with educational needs.

The Community Center located in Akumal currently has a program for elementary students from age 10 and up in the mornings Monday to Friday from 9am to 1 pm; in the afternoons students attend mid school level.

The computer program in the mornings serves 130 students from the local midschool “Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos” daily through an agreement between the two institutions. During the afternoon from 4 to 5pm it serves primary level, and from 5 to 6pm persons who want to be trained in the field of computers get instruction.

There is also a textile program for women and men who want to be trained.  There are currently initial and intermediate levels schedules 3 times a week during the afternoon from 4 to 8pm.

On Fridays psychological counselling is offered for students enrolled in any of the programs.

Twice a week English programs in two different levels are taught.

Friday art is taught to 130 students of the local mid school “Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos”.

The Center coordinates  special events for students, for example “Say yes to life” whose mission is to prevent child and youth suicide was held in the auditorium of the Akumal Bay Resort hotel with 500 students.

Training workshops for teachers which are also open to the public are held,  such as Human Development, the meaning of life, Geometry and Art, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Environmental education programs are coordinated by the Delegada of Akumal and  CEA,  such as cleaning the beach and streets of the community.

Special courses and workshops are taught to students such as nutrition and its importance,  knowledge and care of nature (presented by UNAM),   hygiene and health for animals (by UNAM veterinarians)

The Center collects in-kind donations to distribute to the community (clothes, shoes, books, food, toys , etc) and sponsors community events and Mexican traditions such as parades, national holidays,  Mothers Day, Children´s Day ,  Christmas , etc

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