La Virgin de Guadalupe: 12 December

This is just a little Our Lady of Guadalupe reminder.

The tradition is that Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego, an Aztec Christian, and asked that a church be built where she appeared. The bishop of Mexico demanded a miracle before he’d construct the church. So the Virgin told Juan to collect roses in his cloak, and when he opened the cloak in front of the bishop, the roses fell out and showed an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The church was built on Tepeyac Hill.



In 1974 construction was begun on the new Basilica, but the original church is still in view on the hill.


Before the 12 December Feast Day, cyclists, walkers, and runners are to be seen on Mexican highways. They are fulfilling a pledge they have made to the Virgin, asking her help in some aspect of their lives. Pueblos along their route feed them and provide a place to sleep.

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