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Reporting just the facts is a goal in reporting news events. When controversies exist and emotions run high on both sides of an issue, this can prove a daunting task!

aku bay antesThe volunteer news gatherers here at AkumalNow are  maintaining neutrality in the controversy surrounding the events taking place at Akumal Bay. Ferreting out the facts is, to say the least, DIFFICULT.  Respondents to our recent survey were equally divided on the subject of reporting on this issue with most asking for just the facts. At this point, all concerned about Akumal are awaiting answers from the government in Tulum.

snorklers going to bay
snorkelers being taken to Bay

Included below are two documents that we re-print from Sac Be in order to give a factual overview of the facts. The first is the Letter of Collaboration presented to Akumal Pueblo by Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA), and the second is the response from an open committee of Akumal pueblo residents and business owners.

Open Letter from CEA, linked from Sac Be newsletter:

Pueblo committee response, also from Sac Be.



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