High Speed Internet in Akumal Norte — FORMAT AT BOTTOM



Good news for Wi-Fi users in Akumal Norte! Telmex will install High Velocity internet lines throughout the community.   If you have a Telmex landline with an Infinitum modem and would like to make the change, you need to speak now or forever hold your peace, as they say. Apparently if we pass now, we may not get a second chance.

If you want the high velocity service, what you need to do is this: Scan the form below and fill it out. You need one form for each phone line you want to change over. Then scan the filled out form and email to the Vecinos address at the bottom of the form or drop off your form at the accountant’s office, 2nd floor of the La Tortuga office building that fronts the street.

We have a due date: 28 February 2018. Completed forms will be turned over to Telmex on that date.

Monthly charges will be approximately the same as we pay now for comparable mgs.

If you don’t have a Telmex line but want High Velocity internet, you can use this same form to make the request. About half way down on the right is a square in which you’ll write YES. Pretty simple!


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