Golf Carts in Akumal

Lately when I drive down the beach road in Akumal, I get the feeling I’m on the back 9 of a golf course – an evident increase in golf carts.

If you just want to stay around Akumal, a golf cart is the way to go. However, the road is narrow, taxis drive fast, and there are lots of walkers and bikes.
Owning a golf cart in many respects is like owning a boat − lots of maintenance is required. The salt air is unforgiving. Batteries need to be replaced and they are not cheap. Vinyl seats have to be treated, and the rust just goes on and on. Then there are the topes to consider, so your cart has to have good clearance.

I interviewed my friend Joel, who has become an expert on golf carts and this is what he tells me. Routine maintenance is a must. That is done by you if you own the cart. You have to remember to charge it overnight if it’s battery operated. Joel rents one of carts to renters of his house. Here are some of his guidelines and requirements: The cart is fully charged when you receive it. Park in the same place when you leave. Always call us if there is a problem. Max capacity of 4 adults. No drivers under the age of 16. This also means a 5 year old on your lap cannot drive.

Golf carts cannot cross the bridge into the pueblo. The local police may take notice and could give you a ticket or fine.
It is a fun way to get around. Please keep in mind that if you choose a golf cart, you are sharing the road with lots of cars, vans, walkers and people on bikes. If you find a line of cars behind you, pull over so they can pass. A little common courtesy for all on the road goes a long way for a joyful ride.

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