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       Sunday,  7 June

  Mexican Legislative Election 2015

The 2015 election in Mexico is for 500 seats of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as local elections in 17 States.

Here’s the thing:  Mexico has a  “dry law” which dates back to the 1910 Revolution and states that alcohol sales are prohibited 24 hours before an election and during election day. However, in several tourist areas including Quintana Roo, the dry law will be in effect for 24 hours only. So the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited here on election day from midnight until midnight, except in hotels and tourist areas where alcohol may be served provided it is accompanied by food.

And that’s the story.


    Father’s Day,  21 JuneHappy-Fathers-Day-2013

And the really big FYI ⇒ Father’s Day is 21 June  — both here in Mexico and in the U.S.!  How easy is that!

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  1. Great information. I especially liked the posting of the CEA declaration, followed by the Pueblo response. Very nice to read the original documents instead of hearing about it, probably distorted, on the grapevine!

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