First Responders in Akumal

What can you do in case of a Medical Emergency?

As we all know, our paradise can take a turn for the worse at any time— and always unexpectedly. So what do you do when there’s an emergency?  Who do you call?  Where are defibrillators located?  Who are the qualified first responders in Akumal?

Red Cross phone number posted in Akumal
Red Cross phone number posted in Akumal

First and MOST IMPORTANT for you to know is that when there is an emergency, CALL the Red Cross: 984-802-5521. There’s a new sign posted across from Super Chomak for easy reference.

There are 2 Paramedics from the Red Cross stationed by the statue at the arch 24 hours a day. Rodolfo and Luis reside at the CEA dorms, and when they’re off duty, they have a Defibrillator with them at the dorm. There is another Defibrillator in Half Moon Bay at the Security Caseta.

Definition: EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONDERS-EFR also know as CERTIFIED FIRST RESPONDERS-CFR are persons who have completed a course and received certification in providing pre-hospital care in medical emergencies. They have more skill than a secondary care person, someone trained in basic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, but they are not a substitute for more advanced emergency medical care rendered by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. First responder courses cover the human body, lifting and moving patients, legal and ethical issues, patient assessment, medical and trauma emergencies, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator use, oxygen administration, suctioning, airway adjuncts, spinal and bone fracture immobilization, and EMS operations. The term “certified first responder” is not to be confused with “first responder”, which is a generic term referring to the first medically trained responder to arrive on scene (police, fire, EMS).

We have many EFR’s — Emergency First Responders, First Aid Certified, Certified Water Rescue persons, as well as Certified Instructors here in Akumal. They can be found at Akumal Dive Center, Akumal Dive Shop, CEA, Hotel Akumal Caribe, Expedition Akumal, LolHa Restaurants, and Super Chomak.

Akumal Dive Center: 984-875-9025    Gerardo Orozco – 8am – 5pm

All are EFR Certified Instructors

• Analie Trottier

• Adán Reyes

• Alessandro Vezzani


CEA: 984-875-9095,   ext. 104

• Manuel Calderon, lifeguard, EFR, cell: 984-118-6511

• Marco Montes, lifeguard EFR, cell: 984-152-1064

• Luis Ayala, paramedic/water rescue Red Cross, cell: 984-158-7449

• Rodolfo Caamal, paramedic/water rescue Red Cross, cell: 984-128-9328

Akumal Dive Shop: 984-875-90 30   Francesca Colombo — 8am—5pm

All are EFR certified Primary Care and Secondary Care

  • Marco Valera (OpenWaterScubaInstructor & DiveAlertNetwork)
  • Jesus Rangel (OWSI&DAN)
  • Saul D Castillo Pineda (OWSI&EFR Padi)
  • Alvaro Almada (IANTD& OWSI&DAN)
  • Miguel Eduardo Jimenez Navarrete (fotógrafo)
  • Miguel Angel Castillo (capitán)
  • Marcos Y Pech Yam (capitán)
  • Fernando Cat Sosa (snorkel guide)
  • David Martinez Valero (fotógrafo)
  • Alfredo Tuz Canseco (capitán)
  • Santo I May Pech (snorkel guide)
  • Luis A Cahuich Moreno (Dive Master)
  • Raul J Garma Tuyub (capitan)
  • Jose Emanuel Pech Canul (capitán)
  • Adiel I Villanueva Popper (Dive Master)
  • Victor M Funes (snorkel guide)
  • Diego I Quijada Huerta (snorkel guide)
  • Miguel Hidalgo(snorkel guide)
  • Francesca Colombo-OWSI PADI& EFR instructor

Expedition Akumal

• Jenny Mallon- EFR Instructor – 984-876-8925

• Matt Clark, EFR Instructor

LolHa Restaurants

• 4 employees First Aid Certified

Super Chomak

• 2 employees First Aid Certified

Hotel Akumal Caribe

• Jorge Cortez Rico,   EFR certified

• 6 employees First Aid Certified

NB: The Tulum Red Cross Ambulance has been in the shop in Cancún getting a $3000 usd repair job and will be back soon.  Someone in the U.S. has donated a used ambulance to Tulum Red Cross. When it arrives it will be stationed at the Tulum office and we will get to keep the repaired ambulance here permanently.  Great News!!


  1. There are two additional defibrillators that are mentioned in the article about the Vecinos de Akumal. One is at the guard station and the other is at La Buena Vida.

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