Emergency Data Format

With an ocean on one side and Federal 307 on the other, it’s a wonder any of us is still alive!  *:)) laughing

Long time snow bird Shirley Pogodinski has developed an emergency caduceus colordata format that she carries with her — just in case.  It has information that health care personnel would find useful if they’re called upon for emergency treatment.  Use these links to download the template:  Word Format or PDF Format  Then fill in your personal data.

If you need to call an ambulance, the following phrases may be helpful:

Please send an ambulance:   Favor de mandar una ambulancia
• My name is_____:   Mi nombre es _____
• My address is _____:   Mi domicilio es _____
• My phone number is _____:   Mi número de teléfono es _____
• I’m very sick:   Estoy muy enferma
• My wife/husband had a heart attack:   Mi esposa/esposo sufrió un infarto 

In case of a death, call your consulate immediately.  The numbers for U.S. and Canadian offices in Cancún are included at the top of the emergency data format.  These people know exactly what to do and will walk you through the steps.

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