El Meco Archaeological Site

Photo by Carlos Rosado van der Gracth












If you’re looking for an interesting day trip and enjoy exploring ruins, El Meco might be just for you.

Located 8 kilometers north of Cancun,  this small site can be viewed with ease.  Even though the area is located on the mainland, it belongs of the Municipality of Isla Mujeres in an area referred to  Cancún Viejo.

It is believed that El Meco was a small fishing camp in the 2nd century CE.  It belonged to the larger area of Cobá.  Between the 5th and 9th century the area was abandoned.  However, it was re-occupied by people moving from Chichén Itzá and is believed to have remained active into the 16th century.

El Meco was part of a large network of coast cities and its architectural style is known as Coastal Oriental.

Getting to El Meco is easy.  It’s located between Puerto Juarez and Punta Sam.  Google Maps can take you right there.  It’s open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, admittance is 55 pesos.  All along the road to El Meco you will see beautiful beaches and wonderful seafood restaurants.

Before you go, check to make sure the site is open.  Many archeological have been closed due to the pandemic.

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