Dialing US 800 Numbers from Mexico

Dialing U.S. 800 Numbers from Mexico (800, 888, 877, 866)

Mexico has its own series of 800 numbers, so in order to make dialing U.S. numbers possible, they came up with a simple system.  Simple – once you know the secret . . .


To dial a United States 800 number FROM Mexico, replace the 800 prefix with the prefix shown below:

• 800 numbers: Dial 001-880 -then the number

• 866 numbers: Dial 001-883 -then the number

• 877 numbers: Dial 001-882 -then the number

• 888 numbers: Dial 001-881 -then the number.

For example, to call Wells Fargo’s customer service FROM Mexico, change the number from 1-800-869-3557 to 001-880-869-3557;  to dial Blue Shield FROM Mexico, change the number from 1-888-568-3560 to 001-881-568-3560.

Both Telmex and Telcel have a message saying that there will be a charge for international calling, but so far the Telmex bill hasn’t shown the charge . . .   Well, at least you can use the number!

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