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A friend and I decided to see what the Crab Races at Jungle Fish Beach Club were all about.  We arrived mid afternoon to enjoy the sun, pool and restaurant.  After an early dinner, we saw the staff setting up the boards for the races.  Nolan who  sells real estate by day and plays music by night explained what happens.

Two large boards are placed by the pool.  The boards have various objects that the crabs must crawl over or under, to be the first one off the board.  There are 3 heats and then a final race.  During the early stages, Nolan is going to sing a few songs, the races will take place, and then he will continue with his music.   Waiters circulate around with the crabs so you can choose your racer.

You pick your crab for a fee of 50 pesos,  name it, register your name, and cheer your crab on.  Races start around 7:15.All of this is for charity.   Previously a family from Chemuyil whose child had heart issues was given funds to help with medical costs.  Currently, The Jungle Fish Beach Club is donating race proceeds to the building fund for the new church in Chemuyil.

The restaurant opens at 10:00am for breakfast and is only currently open on Thursday and Saturday nights for dinner.  Crab races are on Thursday, when Nolan plays.   There are plans for the restaurant to be open every night during high season.  It’s a fun time at the races for kids and adults.  Give it a try.

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