Care in Using BBQ Grills

Everyone loves a great meal off the grill. However, this article is a quick reminder to be careful when starting your charcoal grill.

Last week a small fire occurred when a renter on the 3rd floor of a condo complex ignited their Charcoal grill.  Apparently, the lower vents were wide open, and it was a bit windy.  Embers from the grilled floated down and started a beach towel on fire, as it sat on a wicker lounger.  The 2nd floor resident yelled she smelled smoke, and the owner of the lounge chair was in the pool.  Quick action put the fire out, but the lounger was damaged.  Had no one been home, it could have turned into a bigger fire.

Luckily, the ember did not land on the palapa by the pool or even worse, floated up to the large palapa on the roof. With all of this said, please be careful when you grill.  Know your surroundings and be prepared to put out a fire if something goes array.

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