“Best Shirt” Returns – with Tweaks!

best-Shirt-Trphy-150x150The Best Shirt Event returns on November 4, 2016 – with some tweaks.  As a perspective, the “official” title is “Robin’s Outshirted Award,” and has been an on-going ten-year Akumal event to commemorate a long-time resident, Robin Goble.  This has been a fun event in which a committee of three, led by Robin’s sister, Mary, selects the best shirt of the evening, and it is often quite competitive, with the majority of wins going to the males of the community, locals as well as visitors.

Best Shirt took a three-month holiday (August-October), to evaluate and update how this new event will operate.  Considerable in-put and attention has been sought from many of the “regulars.”  One of the resulting ideas is to be more inclusive but equally as fun for all – women and men.  With this in mind, two new categories have been added, making a total of three awards for the month, and the event will now be known as “Akumal’s Best of the Best.”  Judging will still be done by a committee of three.  The categories are

  • Best Shirt, which must have a collar and buttons
  • Best Sandals
  • Best “Clever” T-Shirt


In addition, there will be a new location for Akumal’s Best of the Best Event.  On November 4th, La Buena Vida Restaurant will host the new and improved contest in a well-marked, designated area.  Winners in each of the three categories will receive a coupon for a free drink from area restaurants.   Also, the time is changed to coincide with LBV’s Happy Hour, which is 5:00-6:00 pm.

Many thanks and kudos to Lol Ha’s Beach Bar for the wonderful memories!

AkumalNow will continue to print photos of attendees, as well as the winners themselves.   So, plan your shirt, dust off your sandals, search your closet for a clever T-shirt, and turn out for “Akumal’s Best of the Best” on November 4th!

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