Best of the Best, October 2018

Best of the Best, October 2018 was another successful gathering of friends: local residents and visitors!!!  Our attendance numbers were small this month, and we wait with “baited breath” for November guests to appear.  Hey, what is baited breath?  Sounds awful!  Well, the three judges (Mary, Annette, and Patricia) muddled through to come up with these winners;  Best Shirt:  Neil Humphries;  Best Clever Tee, Gayle Rowland; and Best Sandals, Isabel Schober.  We say a big thanks to our participating restaurants who offer winners in the three award categories a free drink.  The restaurants are Turtle Bay Café and Bakery (TBC), La Buena Vida (LBV), and Lunita.

Something that seems to be a permanent special offering of Best of the Best is the random drawing that feaures a surprise gift from La Buena Vida which this month was a free LBV Tee Shirt.  The other gift in this random drawing is the free bottle of Cueva Vodka from TBC.  Winners this month were Annette Bartsch, the LBV Tee and Paula Humphries, the TBC Cueva Vodka.

So how do you get to be part of this fun event?  Just show up at La Buena Vida Restaurant at 5:00 pm on the first Friday of each month.  Wearing your colorful shirt, your very clever Tee, and/or your snazzy sandals might get you a win.  Come try for it!     This Friday,  2 October,  is the day!


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