Best of the Best, November 2018

How wonderful to have a place to go on a Friday to see your friends and make new ones as well!!!  This special place to be is La Buena Vida (LBV) Restaurant at 5:00 pm on the first Fridays of each month where the Akumal cognoscenti gather to vie for a win in one of the three BEST categories:  Best Shirt, Best Sandals, or Best Clever Tee Shirt.  Winning one of these categories will get you a free drink at Turtle Bay Bakery and Café  (TBC), Lunita, or LBV; of course, bragging rights for the month are included.

One popular item has become the gifts from LBV and TBC for winners of the raffle drawing—perhaps a bottle of booze, vino, or a free tee; it varies each month.

One feature of this event is publishing those attending in AkumalNow (duh…what you are now reading!).  Most of the time we are accurate matching names to photos, but there’s always that time for error.  Below you will find names/photos we could not identify:  Linda, Jeff and Donna, Sharon Sloan, Barb and Chuck Telotle, and Melanie.  Photos we know we are missing: Josie, Bart, and Joel.  My apologies!

See you all Friday, 5 December!

The Best  . . .

. . . of the Best!


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