Best of the Best, July 2018

That Sargasso knocks me out, but wouldn’t miss Best of the Best!

Nineteen souls (some were camera-shy) showed for Best of the Best, July 2018 at La Buena Vida Restaurant for this traditional monthly event.  To share conversation and imbibe a few libations goes along with donning your “best” to try to win the coveted Best Shirt, Best Sandals, or Best Clever Tee awards.  Interestingly, the sargasso had little affect after the lively group got together.  The judges had a really difficult time this month selecting the Best Clever Tee,  finally choosing “The only running I do is out of money,” over “Fiesta then Siesta” and “65% sure my soul mate is a dog.”  Wow!  All of us related to one of these clever tees in some very personal ways.

Thanks to restaurants Lunita, Turtle Bay and Bakery Café (TBC), and La Buena Vida (LBV) for giving the winners a free drink, and thanks to LBV and TBC for providing gifts in the random drawing.  Thanks to Josie for gathering the list of those attending.

The next monthly event is Friday, August 3 at LBV–time: 5:00- 6:00 pm.  If you are in Akumal, please join in the fun!  See you there?


And the WINNERS are ………………


The Best Friday-nighters .……..

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