Best of the Best, August 2017

An enthusiastic crowd showed up for Best of the Best, August 2017, at La Buena Vida — many of the “usual suspects” as well as welcome visitors and owners who were here for their annual soirees.  Judges were Mary Henderson and Carly Flores; a special drawing for Cueva Vodka was contributed by Bartley Smith of Turtle Bay.  It was an interesting evening as a large wedding was being held at LBV, and they were as curious about us as we were of them…..definitely contributed to the fun atmosphere (hungry Best of the Best-ers wanted to sample the wedding fare on tables laden with goodies and their aromas that were near “our” meeting area).

A new “Guest” made of wood found its way onto the laps of winners (see photos below), and we were so pleased that our waiters kept up with the drink orders in a timely fashion.  After months of no Best Clever Tees showing up, the August participants came through

  Please plan to join us at La Buena Vida for September’s Best of the Best event on Friday, September 1st — that’s Today!!!  If you are reading this from afar and dreaming of your next trip to Akumal, keep in mind that this event occurs on the first Friday of each month at La Buena Vida from 5:00-6:00 pm. To date, the following restaurants have contributed a free drink for Best of the Best winners: La Buena Vida, La Lunita, and Turtle Bay Bakery and Cafe.  When you dine at these fine establishments, please let them know that you appreciate their being part of this event.

We would love to have YOU participate!

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