Ask Allyn . . . Wide Egg Noodles

Today’s tip:  Always crack eggs into a separate dish, as opposed to directly into your recipe mix– I had TWO bad eggs a couple of weeks ago–the first bad eggs I’ve ever gotten. Ever.  And they were nasty.


Wide Egg Noodles – a must!

Beware of bad info from the internet.  I’ve had a craving for Mom’s tuna noodle casserole for about 15 years now, and the one thing I cannot find is wide egg noodles (a must!) Note I do not have a pasta rolling machine.  Jump to the internet, you can find almost anything, and sure enough, there are many offerings, almost all are essentially identical, and can be rolled out with a rolling pin. Found a nice one that was just one cup of flour and one egg plus a bit of water –gonna try it, will let you know.  But wait!  What’s this?  The recipe said to cook the fresh noodles for 12-15 minutes. Whoa there! That is definitely wrong. Other web sites said about 90 seconds.  So make sure to think about cooking times and temperatures. P.S. Don’t forget the peas.

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