Akumal Foodie – Red Salsa from LBV

The Foodie has the recipe – sort of – for the red salsa served with chips at La Buena Vida in North Akumal.


The ingredients are tomatoes, onions, chile serrano, cilantro, and salt.   How much of each you use will depend on your personal preference.

What makes this salsa different and special is that the tomatoes, onions, and chiles are grilled as the first step.  After grilling, remove skins and seeds from tomatoes and chiles and put into a blender with the onions, cilantro, and salt.  Blend to consistency – and that’s it!


Have a restaurant in the greater Akumal area? We want your recipes. All we ask is good directions in English and a couple of photos. We won’t chase you down for a recipe, but will gladly consider posting anything good you send our way. You can submit it right on our site: http://akumalnow.com/idea-submission-form/ 

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