Akumal Foodie Goes to Shirley’s

AkumalNow doesn’t cover social events.  That said, the Foodie did attend an event that happened to be social — and the food was as delicious and well prepared as one finds in restaurants.  Which is not surprising, since the host was the personal chef for the president of an east coast university for 20 yrs.

The following menu was served buffet-style:

Entrada:  Cheese tray with French cheddar, American cheddar, Italian Salami and grainy mustard,  Pickled Herring, assorted  pickles

Main course:  Vegetarian Chili with sour cream,  Chicken with Apple & Dried Fruit Chutney  (recipe adapted from Martha Stewart),  Brown Rice with pecans and fresh parsley,  Lazy Pierogi’s,  Corn muffins with honey or butter,  Tossed Salad

Dessert: Frosted brownies and desserts brought by guests

apple chutney

For the main dish recipe, boneless, skinless chicken breasts were substituted for the pork.  The chicken was cut into cubes and quickly sautéed in butter and olive oil with a bit of chopped garlic.  Figure on 1 breast for 2 people, depending on the size and if it is the main dish or one of many.

Shirley made the chutney, following the recipe, then  mixed chutney and chicken and baked at 350° for at least an hour, until hot.


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