Aku-Ha, New Bottled Water Company

Aku-Ha logo

You may have noticed a new water label in town – one showcasing a  cleverly designed logo.  Aku-Ha(Aku for Akumal and Ha for water in Maya) is a new purified water business based in Akumal Pueblo. Two very well-known local faces, Nostradamus Perez and Edgar Yanez, have taken their expertise, knowledge and professionalism to create a premium drinking water company.

The climate-controlled purification and bottling plant is located in Akumal Pueblo and houses a first class reverse osmosis water purification system. They are delivering to restaurants in Akumal and the pueblo, as well as many condos and homes in the area. Deliveries are made in pick-up trucks, which are easier on our local roads.  Aku-Ha is priced at $18 pesos for a gárrafon, lower than most other commercial waters.

The company’s bottles are manufactured in Mérida from PET 1 plastic. These high quality, smooth lined plastic bottles are different from the pebbled interior of recycled bottles prevent particles from being trapped and make it easier to clean them. Aku-Ha’s bottle sterilization process has been perfected and is highly controlled.  Bottles are washed with medical degree cleaner (TENSOL) at high pressure. Details of the complete process are available upon request. Aku-Ha is certified by all authorities (see photos for the list).

Aku-Ha owners are not only concerned about the water quality, but also about water availability before and after catastrophic events, such as  hurricanes. They have made a commitment to the Tulum Civil Service Department to furnish complimentary water during a disaster. Recently they provided water to the Civil Protection workers while fighting a fire near Chemuyil. This company is a really a “good thing to know “ in Akumal.

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