ADO Buses: Airport & more

One of the most efficient and least expensive ways to get from the airport and around our area is by ADO bus.  ADO is one of the largest Mexican bus companies; it serves roughly the eastern half of the country.

First-class buses offer the standard 2-and-2 seating configuration; seats are squishy and comfortable. There’s A/C (sometimes a bit too much) and communal screens where you’ll be able to watch the latest movies – dubbed in Spanish. And a bathroom.  Sometimes buses are direct, sometimes they stop in other towns along the way.

ADO Platino are the most luxurious buses. Seats are larger than standard and have an almost-flat recline, making them perfect for napping. You’ll often see only 3 seats across the width of the vehicle – one row with two seats, and another row with a single seat. Each seat will have its own entertainment system, plus there will be wifi and connections for your electronics. Sometimes there are even free snacks.  Platinos have  separate men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Booking Tickets

To check bus times and prices, visit the ADO official site. They accept US credit cards, so you can also book tickets on the site, including your seat. The site is in Spanish, but quite easy to use.  Discounts are given to those with INAPAM cards. An all-English option is the Canadian operation Busbud.

Airport ADO 

ADO from Cancún Airport  to Pto. Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum is also available on line. 





  1. Does the ADO bus from Tulum stop in Playa Carmen on the way to the airport? Just curious how long the trip is going to take to Airport from Tulum?

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