1. Regarding the closure of Akumal Bay for the month of February, 2018, to commercial snorkeling, why for just a month?

    In the interest of firstly the turtles, of then, of course, those who have a vested interest in the bay (property owners) AND then those of us who pay good money to be guests (customers) of property owners with a vested interest in the area, and I include Half Moon Bay, Akumal Bay should have never been opened to commercial snorkelling tours by transient tour operators, be they providing services by land or by sea.

    I have just returned home from a 3-week snorkeling vacation with my spouse. We found that a large part of the turtle viewing areas had been cordoned off for exclusive use by commercial snorkeling tour operators and the remaining easily accessible areas were not at all good for snorkeling. Entry to a channel (not the boat channel) that led to deeper waters was refused to us by the new “water police” on our third outing due to apparent new regulations thereby ending our snorkeling vacation.

    In my humble opinion, unless the bay is closed permanently to transient commercial snorkeling tours (and paddle boarding is kept separate from snorkeling), Akumal Bay will become, if it has not already become, Paradise Lost.

    • We agree…there is far too much commercialism in the bay. On top of this I wonder what the leaking fuel from the boats that always smell badly does to the coral, fish, and turtles…it can’t be good for them !

  2. I believe the Bay should be closed, permanently, for “any” Commercial Activate. It’s use should be limited to the Indigenous, and local residents. The Coral is a natural treasure and should/must be preserved for the/our environment and for future generations.

    Dr. James L. Rowland, Ed.D.
    [email protected]

  3. Close it forever to commercial use.the tour people come and wreck our bay and the businesses they spend little or no money in AKUMAL bay and half moon bay. Businesses that have been here for a very long time need to stay . Out of towers need to

  4. Agreed, we have been coming to Akumal for over 20 years and have seen a deterioration of the reef and turtle habitat due to the substantial increase in commercial development. Commercial operations should cease immediately so the reef and turtles can recover in their own habitat.

  5. Agree we used to visit akumal yearly and snorkel on our own it was total bliss . We stayed in half moon bay in November and walked down to akumal beach and I found it so saddening what has happened . Close down public tours let the locals , hotels that are on the bay , the people who pay to live there enjoy it !!! get rid of all the boats .

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