New Business – Eyes in Mexico

Eyes In Mexico - Marguerite KirkIt is said that the best businesses are started to fulfill a need, and Marguerite Kirk has found one. Her new business, Eyes in Mexico, was started to help those who want to build in Mexico but are not here full time to monitor the process. As some of us know, it is all too common to have a builder stop working on your job when they are not being watched. The owner then returns after weeks or months only to wonder why nothing has happened and why the builder needs more money. Marguerite and her son successfully oversaw the construction of their two homes in Rancho Santa Teresita, with construction completed in just under 6 months. She knows how to get results.

Eyes in Mexico is builder agnostic. You pick the architect and contractor you like and connect with and then you can enlist Eyes in Mexico to be your local representative while you head back home. Marguerite’s service checks the project on an agreed schedule and sends status updates (with photos). This will help ensure that the project is moving along and will greatly reduce the risk that the builder is spending your money elsewhere.

Marguerite thinks that providing a service that helps people is what really matters. With this in mind, her prices are very reasonable, especially considering the cost you could incur by not hiring her.

When you talk to her mention AkumalNow and she will donate 10% of her earned fees to help fund AkumalNow web costs and our charitable contributions.

You can reach Marguerite via U.S. or Mexican phone (below). You can also visit her web site and utilize her contact for to email her.

817-382-2257 (U.S. VoIP)

984-165-7914 (Mex cell)

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